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Press Release 2016


Unfolding Realities presents the work of the 2016 MA Art and Science graduates at

Central Saint Martins. Responding to a fast-emerging territory for interdisciplinary and collaborative practice this years cohort will be extending the parameters of previous degree show formats. With an emphasis on process, their work stems from a curiosity to understand the realities of experience. Over the two-year course, through cross-pollination of ideas and shared motivations, students have been discovering novel manifestations of art and science and investigated how to communicate them.

Since its inception in 2011 the MA Art and Science course, the first of its kind, has provided a platform for students across all fields to extend and contribute to this developing branch of knowledge. This year’s graduates include; fine artists, designers, photographers, neuroscientists, art historians, mathematicians, and architects – all inspired by their individual connections with this evolving subject.

The exhibition will showcase works that have developed from long term collaborations with scientists, experimentation with integrative techniques, use of familiar materials as novel mediums for artistic development and influences from current and ongoing scientific inquiry. From a diverse set of professional and creative backgrounds they are all engaged in challenging the boundaries of traditional modes of artistic exploration.

The degree show will also be accompanied by a Symposium on Saturday 28th May

11:00 – 16:00. Students and external practitioners within the field of Art and Science will be

sharing ideas and motivations in day of activity and discussion. Details to follow shortly.

MA Art and Science

This pioneering postgraduate course responds to a fast-emerging territory for interdisciplinary and collaborative art practice. The MA Art and Science gives students an opportunity to interrogate the creative relationships between art and science and how they can be communicated. They explore different approaches to making and presenting their work with the aim of proposing and realising innovative outcomes in practice and research.


Central Saint Martins, Degree Show Planning, Futuro House, 2016


Central Saint Martins, Degree Show Planning, Futuro House, 2016

LUMANOTA ‘Lightmusic’ Installation 2016